Lankakissa (Lanka=Yarn, kissa=cat) sells yarns and craft supplies. This small company owned by one woman has started its operations in April 2008 in Naantali, southwest Finland. My home is stocked with many yarns and products. Mainly yarns are sold through e-commerce.

There is a selection of yarns for knitting from the following manufacturers: Gjestal, Hjertegarn, Online, Rowan, SandnesGarn, Schachenmayr, Sirdar and Zitron. Lankakissa also sells DMC embroidery threads, Anchor crochet yarns and Coats Duet sewing yarn, paper yarns, Finnish felting wool, embroidery and cross-stitch work, as well as the tapestry works. For the knitting and crocheting there are different knitting needles, crochet hooks and needles.

If you want to order products from Lankakissa, please contact You can also contact me through the page Yhteystiedot ja palaute by writing your name, e-mail address and the message in appropriate boxes. Tell what you want to order and how many pieces. The amount of different colors is said in the table on the page of each yarn or product. If there is only one item available it is said: tuotteen saatavuus: 1 kpl. When I have received your order, I will send you an e-mail on information on how to pay and what are the costs of shipping. Customers always pay the shipping costs.

Under category Langat (=yarns) there are sub-categories according the material of the yarn or the use of the yarn. Villa =wool, puuvilla =cotton, virkkaus =crochet

Under category Tarvikkeet (=supplies) there are knitting needles, crochet hooks etc.

Under category Huovutus (=felting) there are materials for felting.

Under category Kirjonta (=embroidery) there are yarns for embroidery, packages which include materials for cross-stitch tablecloths, cards, pillows and art works.

Under category Kanavatyöt (=tapestry) there are packages which include materials for tapestry works.

Under category Muut tuotteet (=other products) there are cashmere scarfs, reflective tape and silk ribbons.

Under category Käsintehtyä (=handmade) there are different handmade products like wool socks, different woven works and under sub-category Kortit there are cards.

Under category Tarjoustuotteet (=offer products) there are different offer products.

Under category Laurin lelukauppa (=Lauri´s toy store) there are used toys.

If you want to know something else do not hesitate to contact Lankakissa.